Professional horse riding lessons for everyone with a focus on therapeutic horse riding

About Me

My name is Carla-Anne Luttig, I am married to P.C. Luttig and we have a wonderful young boy, Christoff.
I started horse riding at the young age of 3. I did my first training (jumping) show at the age of 5 years. From there I went on to become an A grade show jumper in Juniors. I gave my first horse riding lessons at the age of 9; this is when I already knew that this is my passion and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.
After school I studied officiating and coaching at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), where I completed my degree with my thesis in therapeutic horse riding.

Why Horse Riding?
My mother got me riding horses at the age of 3, as I was a very hyperactive child, in a desperate attempt to calm me down and it worked!
Because I grew up on a farm and have a incurable love for animals, this was the perfect hobby!
Later as a teenager my fondest memories were of being around my horses, with my sister just sitting or lying on them in the stables, or alone trying to make sense of life. Being in their company was so comforting and later in my studies I could relate to the theories that just being around horses in itself has immense therapeutic qualities.
Now, having my own child (also hyperactive) I realised again what effect the horses have on him and how they are busy changing his life in a very positive way.

How I started?
We had an entrepreneurs’ day at primary school. I took my horses to do pony rides, where one of the mothers approached my mother regarding riding lessons; her daughter had cerebral palsy and the doctor prescribed horse riding to help with balance and muscle development.
Those days specialised therapeutic horse riding was unheard of and they could not find a riding school that could accommodate them. I was 9 years old at that stage and was a good and strong rider. I knew all the basics, so we decided to give it a go.
I realised the best way to teach her was to get on the horse with her, with many falls, tears and laughter she eventually could ride horse. Now, she is my sister-in-law! From there a started giving lessons to kids from Sunday school and some of their mothers as well!
By word of mouth I eventually had a good little riding school on the go and made some good pocket money. I stopped in matric due to studies. Now, at the age of 32 life made a full circle and I am blessed to start again with my lifelong passion.

What I want to achieve?
To me, children are a gift from God, they are so precious and we have a responsibility to equip them for all the challenges of life.
This is my way to help children, being it children with any physical or emotional disability or a child without any disability, to give them that happy feeling of accomplishment, appreciation, confidence and joy.
To give them the privilege to have the same “warm” feeling I had as a child just be around horses and what they have to offer.

Hopily - My first horse
Flash - Aged 9
Chocolate - Aged 11