Professional horse riding lessons for everyone with a focus on therapeutic horse riding




Therapeutic horse riding makes a difference

The therapeutic value of horse riding was described by Hippocrates as “The Riding’s Healing Rhythm”. The mission of this Therapeutic Riding School is to do a unique form of therapy on horseback for people with specific needs.

Different goals can be reached, e.g.
• Improvement of muscle tone and strength.
• General balance improves.
• Eye-muscle improve – influence on reading.
• Increased intention – span and concentration.
• Hyperactive children tend to calm down.
• Tactile system is stimulated.
• Emotional/behavioural problems improve.
• Increased spatial and body awareness.
• Development of self-confidence and motivation.
• School performance can improve.
• Increased joint mobility and range of movement.
• Development of the ability to organise and perform tasks in sequence (praxis).
• Integration of the two hemispheres of the brain.
• Sensory integration takes place.

These are only a few aspects which the therapist addresses following the evaluation of a person.

A individual programme is planned for each person.
The programme is graded.
Maximum vestibular stimulation through horse riding is combined with specific therapeutic exercise on horseback.

Therapeutic horse riding is an unique opportunity for a person with specific needs.
• Therapy becomes a fun-session!
• Nature is educational and is enjoyed.
• Horse riding skills are attained.
• The Olympic Games can be a goal for this fine sport.